New radiology group at Ottawa Regional

Ottawa Regional Hospital & Healthcare Center has contracted with Central Illinois Radiological Associates, a group of 64 radiologists who will help the hospital expedite and expand its radiology and diagnostic imaging interpretation capabilities. Radiologists play an important role in patient care by assisting in early diagnosis. Their readings and interpretations of radiology and diagnostic imaging studies enable doctors to begin treatment sooner. Research has shown early diagnosis and treatment lead to better health outcomes and may prevent disease from spreading to other organs or infecting other parts of the body.

“Dedication and experience were the deciding factors in selecting Central Illinois Radiological Associates to provide care in our Diagnostic Imaging Department,” said Robert A. Chaffin, president/CEO of Ottawa Regional, in a press release. “We were impressed with their broad expertise and are confident in their ability to work with us to meet the needs of the patients we serve.”

Central Illinois Radiological Associates will have two physicians dedicated to Ottawa Regional, Drs. J. Ben Mallory and Kim Arellano-Villarreal. Other CIRA physicians will provide backup coverage.

“Our goal has always been to provide the most accurate, timely, safe and caring medical imaging services possible,” said Dotty Peare, director of Ottawa Regional’s Diagnostic Imaging Department. “Working with Central Illinois Radiological Associates will allow us to continue this legacy while increasing the speed in which tests are read and interpreted.”

Currently, in addition to X-ray examinations, Ottawa Regional performs the following diagnostic imaging tests and studies: full-field digital mammography; MRI scans; 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging; Dual Source CT Scan that performs routine and CTA studies, to include the coronary arteries; and a SPECT/CT with the ability to pinpoint the exact location, size, nature and extent of disease anywhere in the body.

Central Illinois Radiological Associates offers expertise in a wide range of subspecialties and procedures, including interventional radiology, neurointerventional surgery, diagnostic radiology and fluoroscopy, CT scan, MR Imaging, ultrasound, breast imaging and intervention, women’s imaging, cardiovascular imaging, neuroradiology, vascular medicine, nuclear medicine/PET CT, musculoskeletal imaging, pain management, pediatric radiology, sonography, vascular laboratory and cardiothoracic radiology.

Mallory has been serving as a radiologist at Ottawa Regional since 2005. He recently joined CIRA.

Arellano-Villarreal’s arrival at Ottawa Regional represents the second-generation of Arellano radiologists at the hospital. Her late father, Dr. Roberto “Bobby” Arellano, was a highly-regarded radiologist at Ottawa Regional.

“Dr. (Bobby) Arellano is fondly remembered by those who had the privilege to know him,” said Dr. Arturo D. Tomas, a pathologist at Ottawa Regional who worked with Arellano and was a close friend. “I look forward to working with Bobby’s daughter, Dr. Kim. She embodies the joy her father had in serving his patients and the level of care he exhibited lives on through her.”