Front Cover Story of Healthy Cells: Central Illinois Radiological Associates – Experience the Difference

March 2012 Healthy Cells Cover Feature
Central Illinois Radiological Associates: Experience the Difference

Patients are receiving care like never before with “the CIRA radiological difference.” Central Illinois Radiological Associates (CIRA) provides quality-focused sub-specialized health care that has taken radiology to a new level of expertise. Offering a comprehensive array of Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology since 1938, CIRA provides services to seventeen medical facilities throughout the Midwest. With its unsurpassed combination of compassionate, patient-focused health care, the latest technology and the highest level of diagnostic interpretation for physician, hospital and patient referral, CIRA is raising the bar in radiology treatment for patients, families and medical professionals.

The CIRA Difference
Encompassing seventy radiologists and five advanced practice nurses, CIRA continues to grow, setting itself apart from other radiology practices. “We are a very large multi-specialty radiology practice that provides expert imaging interpretations and minimally invasive procedures,” says Dr. Sean Meagher, President of CIRA and a Neurointerventional Surgeon. “We work with hospitals as far north as Kankakee and as far south as Litchfield. We perform and interpret approximately 1.3 million studies, such as X-rays, PET CT & CAT scans and MRIs.”

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