ACR Real-World Image Sharing Session for Patient-Centered Care

Patrick Ward MD

Patrick Ward, Central Illinois Radiological Associates, Chief Information Officer will appear as guest speaker at an ACR Real-World Image Sharing session for Patient-Centered Care. This event will be held Thursday, October 30, 2014, at the upcoming ACR Imaging Informatics Summit in Washington, DC.

Real-World Image Sharing for Patient-Centered Care, Webinar and onsite event


REGISTER FOR THE MEETING: 4th Annual ACR Imaging Informatics Summit

October 30, 2014
1:30-3:30 pm

Omni Shoreham Hotel 
2500 Calvert St., NW
Washington, DC 20008-2649


  1. Introduction (moderator) – 5 mins
    • Objective of session – to bring together ONC, referring physicians in the HIT Fellows, patient groups, and radiologists to discuss image sharing requirements, needs, efforts, and opportunities
    • Introduction of each panel participant (name, title, org)
  2. CMS and ONC “Image Results” MU Regulations– 10 mins
    • EP requirements of Stage 2 MU “image results” menu objective
    • 2014 Edition “image results” EHR certification criterion
    • Flexibility to allow for various compliance options
  3. ONC efforts to identify imaging standards – 10 mins
    • HITSC Clinical Operations Workgroup recommendations
    • Potential opportunity to include imaging results data in future View / Download / Transmit
    • Other related ONC efforts?
  4. Radiology perspective (ACR Informatics Commission speaker) – 10 mins
    • Case study – impact on patient’s lives of imaging data sharing
    • Image sharing options in use today
    • Potential options that might be available in the near future
    • Opportunities to leverage MU in the future to enhance interoperability and exchange between referring and rendering physicians, patients, etc.
  5. Panel discussion – moderated Q&A – 50 mins
    • Potential seed question 1 for HIT Fellow: “As primary care and other referring physicians are increasingly moving away from paper to EHR technology, what type of connectivity with imaging practices/systems is expected or desired?”
    • Potential seed question 2 for HIT fellow:  “What are the potential technical and nontechnical barriers to image sharing?  How can those barriers be addressed by the industry, providers, and government?”
    • Potential seed question 1 for Nick Dawson, Society for Participatory Medicine: “What are patients’ needs and expectations related to radiology data accessibility?”
    • Potential seed question 2 for Nick Dawson, Society for Participatory Medicine: “What are patients’ needs and expectations related to connectivity and data exchange between their referring physicians and their radiologists?”
  6. Wrap up (moderator) – 5 mins
    • Brief closing thoughts
    • Thanks to participants