Corporate Staff

Corporate Structure

Sean Meagher, MD – President
Scott D. Long, MD – Vice President
Kevin M. Fahey, MD – Treasurer
Gregory A. Gregg, MD – Secretary
Kay McKibben – Chief Operating Officer
Patrick Ward – Chief Information Officer
Tim Hollingsworth – Business Manager

Administrative Staff

Nate Anderson – Senior Systems Engineer
Stephanie Arthalony – Clinical Research Coordinator
Jeff Aussieker – Support Specialist
Shelley Brumme – Springfield Director of Operations
Gina Caban – Clinical/Education Facilitator
Holly Conarro-Swanson – Executive Assistant
Kaylea Eddy – Accounting Services
Sue Hogren – Remote Interpretation Coordinator
Eric Lacy – Clinical Applications Director
Dianna Marthers – Remote Interpretation and Clinic Services
Steve McHenry – Systems Engineer
Debbie Myers – Administrative Assistant
Lu Snyder – Credentialing Coordinator
Linda Tompkins –Accountant

Retirees/Former Shareholders

Jeffrey Agee, MD
Donald Andersen, MD
William Berkman, MD
Raymond Bertino, MD
Arthur Bishop, MD (deceased)
Gordon T. Campbell, MD (retired)
Charles C. Chen, MD
Thomas J. Cusack, MD
Paul Dirkse, MD
Gerald H. Dixon, MD
G. W. Eklund, MD
Craig A. Fenton, MD
Rita G. Hungate, MD
Jack Katz, MD
Paul Mahon, MD
John O. Martin, Jr., MD
Kerry McCluney, MD (deceased)
James McKinney, MD
Daniel Mitchell, MD
Kenneth Moresco, MD
Gerald Palagallo, MD
Ted Roeder, MD (deceased)
William Shipley, MD
Nicholas M. Slimack, MD (deceased)
Stephen M. Smith, MD
H. Bob Smouse, MD (retired, yet active)
M. Jill Sullivan, MD
Clinton Wentz, MD
Peter Winter, MD
Robert M. Wright, MD
John Zimdars, MD
Gary Zwicky, MD
George Zwicky, MD (deceased)